Maid in Frisco’s quote table is based on home size only. Factors such as dust, knick knacks, number of pets and residents will affect a specific quote. We provide free home visits to give you a firm quote. These ranges are based on biweekly cleanings. Weekly cleanings will be lower than this average, monthly higher.
Square Footage Average Quote Range
1500 or smaller $75 – $95
1501 – 2000 $85 – $105
2001 – 2500 $100 – $130
2501 – 3000 $115 – $140
3001 – 3500 $125 – $150
3501 – 3999 $135 – $160
4000 – 4499 $150 – $175
4500 – 4999 $165 – $190
5000 – 5499 $180 – $210
5500 – 5999 $215 – $245
6000+ $275 and up

Value that Maid in Frisco Provides

1. Maid in Frisco is fully insured and bonded through Farmers Insurance. Feel free to request a copy of our certificates. You may also call our agent to verify that our coverage is up to date. Insurance covers any damage to your home, and bonding covers theft. Maid in Frisco provides peace of mind.

2. Maid in Frisco is an organic cleaning company. We use three main cleaning products: PortionPac Green Seal Certified germicidal and floor cleaner, Shaklee Basic H2, and homemade natural products such as our lavender essential oil spray.

Beyond cleaners, we use HEPA filtered vacuums, which cleans the air like an air purifier, and microfiber clothes, which grabs onto dust like a Swiffer, but can be reused 100’s of times, rather than going into a landfill.

3. Maid in Frisco is a professional company. We do what we say we will do. We show up on the day of your cleaning without excuse. Our employees are background screened and are fully trained. We speak English. We take your feedback seriously and customize your cleanings to meet your needs.

Besides the size of the home, there are two main factors that affect a quote:

We spend a large percentage of time dusting. Our dusting covers ceiling fans, blinds, window sills, baseboards, as well as all horizontal surfaces (bookcases, entertainment centers, end tables, etc.). The biggest contributor to dust is shedding pets.

An easy way to mitigate dust in your home is to change air filters often. Changing filters every 30 days will keep dust to a minimum, and keep your home healthier by reducing dust mites.

Knick Knacks
We pick up and dust under knick knacks. Because of this specialized attention, dusting many knick knacks takes a long time, and adds to a quote.